Symfony Day 2011 in Cologne

Symfony Day was amazing!!!

I love the community and it was great fun to see all the guys I already met during the last years and this year’s Symfony Live in Paris.

Again, a big THANK YOU to all organisers and of course all the people that make Symfony2 happen!

I just wanted to quickly paste my (sparse) notes that I took for myself – in case they help out someone else as well.

Basically, they are just some reminders for me of stuff that I wanted to check out.


  • Silex routes can use value() and assert() to be enhanced
  • Silex needs cookbook contributions
  • Silex can easily be functional tested (and require “” can have a return value!)


A shame, I never really looked at it before!? So take a closer look at and SPL in general

Links to follow/read

Pragmatic Programmer:


Check out – adminbundle

See, if it’s really that complicated as the talk made it seem

I did not note so much else, either because I already knew it, wanted to take a look at the presentations later, or player #sfdayjeopardy (thanks to Jeremy “Rick Astley” Mikola for that)

There’s one more thing

Actually, there were two things: Fabpot is a visionary! And his vision, of looking at Symfony2 not (only) as a framework but as a collection of several, individual and powerful components is great. MAYBE not for the developer looking for “a thing that does all the magik™” but for the more experienced one that can pick the best of a wide variety of components. Like some other PHP projects do now…

AND: Me, being a big fan of Propel, was happy to see all the momentum propulsion it got recently, including development support from inside sensio.

Hope to see you all again in June(?) in Paris and in November(?) in Berlin?