I’m currently working as a freelancer, with >20 years of experience in writing php based web applications and HTML/JavaScript frontends, combining it with thorough experience in running and maintaining servers, databases and my own little online game community

Recent Projects

  • dotsmaker: WebApp, JavaScript, Backbone/MarionetteJS,
    • Version1: NO SERVER, Rendering Canvas, Images and PDFs 100% in the Browser
    • Version 2: V1 + Upload file to server, create PDF in Backend (php, Symfony)

What I offer

  • Web development with Symfony, writing maintainable code, REALLY thinking about impacts on performance, the existing code base and the team
  • Passion for real-time applications, using nodejs, example: Live Block List
  • Infrastructure Consulting and Performance analysis
  • Experience in refactoring and extending legacy applications

What I don’t offer

  • “Frontend Design” – I’m not good with colors. I DO implement already designed frontend layouts, though
  • “Build a Homepage”

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