Symfony2 and me – let’s be friends – Part 1

My journey, starting a rewrite of an exisitng project from scratch with Symfony2

Step 1: Get the framework:

composer.phar create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition path
After giving my VM some more RAM (512MB wasn’t enough) it succeeded.

Step 2: Get rid of Doctrine and grab Propel

So I edit the composer.json file and delete the two doctrine lines (if someone other lib needs doctrine/common for annotations, they will solve the dependency, right?
Then add "propel/propel-bundle": "1.1.*" to the file instead, as stated on
Then I run “composer.phar update” and it updates my monolog, removes doctrine and installs propel, its bundle and phing.
After that, however, the symfony cache update fails – if course, I removed Doctrine which is configured somewhere in the the Kernel.

So I remove the Doctrine line from app/AppKernel.php and all doctrine stuff from app/config/config.yml – and HOORAY, my app/console is green again

Step 3: Does it work?

My webserver is already configured to check for an app.php in the web subfolder, so it works – but first I’ll add my IP to app_dev.php so I can see all the debug beauty of Symfony2
Checking the Debug toolbar I notice Propel is missing – of course, I need to add it to the kernel where I kicked out Doctrine
So I add new Propel\PropelBundle\PropelBundle(), to app/AppKernel.php where I commented Doctrine befor, and app/console knows some good old Propel commands now.

Step 4: Freeze this into git

This is a good start, so I want to get this status into git. I’m surprised to see that there IS already a lot of git-information in the directory, being the symfony2 history.
Quick fix, rm -rf .git and git init again, here I come. On the plus side, I already have a nice .gitignore šŸ˜€
git add .; git commit -m “Fresh start”

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