Symfony2 and me – let’s be friends – Part 2

I have a running, blank symfony2 project now, with Propel instead of Doctrine – but no DB or bundle yet

Step 5: Gimme a bundle

I know there is this bundle generator, so let’s see it:
app/console generate:bundle
I chose my namespace and hit some [Return]s – and I’m good to go – WOW, yes it’s there! Not much in there, yet, but I’ll check later.

Step 6: The database

Nice so far! Now I’d like to connect to my exisitng database and use Propel’s magic database reverse-engineering
Thanks to composer I don’t have to deal with namespace and prefix configurations, so I can go to the db- connection settings directly
So I add the basic propel config with parameters ( to my app/config.yml; then I need to set the paramters in parameters.yml
No, how can I check if the connection works? Why not run the reverse-engineering process directly?
app/console propel:reverse “No generated files” Hmmm, my connection might not work – but there is no error 🙁
SO, I manually check the permissions again (quickly dumping an adminer into the web dir) and YES, there is a problem with the permissions. SO I fix this, then run app/console propel:reverse again – and I have a file!!!

Step 7: Adjust the db schema

For the time being, the schema looks quite ok, so I’ll just move it from the generated-schemas folder to a more appropriate destination, being the Resources/config folder of my bundle.
To run propel:build now, I only need to add a namespace=”my\bundle\namespace” to the database tag of the xml, and it generates my models!

Enough preparational stuff, more coding next days!

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