Symfony2 and me – let’s be friends – Part 3

So far, I have a base project with Propel as my ORM, connected to an exisitng DB, re-engineered the schema and could start to do something with it, now.

My next goal is to create a user authentication. After a lot of thoughts on if/yes/no I decided to use the FOSUserBundle – hoping it will provide some features I could use and still would integrate if I want to use OPTIONAL ALTERNATIVE Facebook and Twitter login…

Step 7: Add FOSUserBundle

I’m following the steps in the docs and add the line to composer and do an update. It suggests Doctrine, BTW, but I ignore that, thank you. But, for Propel, it says I need to move my schema.xml to app/Resources/FOSUserBundle/config/propel/schema.xml. Well, my schema already contains a User (which is unused atm) that contains an id – so it might work?!
Now did the configurationa steps of the doc (including installation of the typehintable behaviour) and reran my propel-build… SUCCESSFULLY, so I really could see a page on /app_dev.php/login. Impressive!

Well, no, it did not… First: I missed that I should copy the schema.xml of the bundle to “app/……”. Second: Looks like I got mislead with my expectations about schema.xml, where to put it, and where Models will be generated… Can I have FOSBundle generate it’s User class into my Bundles folders? How can I create relations between the User Class of FOSBundle and my app?

Questions to be answered later, I hope

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